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Although the pandemic still seems to be in full force across most of the country, some people are still trying to make the most of the situation and travel as safely as possible.

While still maintaining their privacy and not venturing too far from home, travelers are reinventing new ways of travel and revisiting some older ones as well.

While some of your favorite travel spots may not bean option, there are still a variety of ways to take a trip while practicing social distancing.

Here are five most popular social distancing travel trends:

#1. Road Trip – There is a lot of appeal, and control, when it comes to this affordable and flexible option. Whether you rent a car or take your own, this option allows you to seal yourself off from other travelers and determine your own pace.

You will still need to be mindful during stops and some road and facility access has changed, so be aware of those. Driving rural areas offers beautiful views and less crowded locations. Just be sure to pack your own traveling essentials and snacks.

#2. Remote Rental – This option allows you to have a place entirely to yourself and the more remote of a location it is, the less likely you are to run into neighbors.

Online rental services like Vacasa and Airbnb are seeing spikes in bookings of off-the-beaten-path locations and you can nab smaller spots that sleep two people for as little as $90 a night, even in some favorite locations.

#3. Private Trip – Many high-end travel companies offer private journeys for just you and your family. Roadies, for example, offers high-end buses (think of luxury

buses used by bands to travel across the country) to provide custom tours for travelers. The tours include things like skiing tours through a national park, teeing off at a variety of PGA golf courses, and wine tours with a dedicated sommelier.

#4. Private Flight – While flying in a crowded airplane isn’t appealing to many people right now, private jets are an option to get from one place to another.

Although airlines are scrambling to ensure their planes are super clean and require their passengers to wear a mask, private charter jets are advertising themselves as a safer alternative. The pricing of these flights depends on the size of the plane, how far you will need to fly, and how many people will be on board.

#5. Dispersed Resort – Many resorts have been forced to close during the pandemic, but some have been able to offer a safe alternative by providing private cabins, camps, or retreats and cutting back their occupancy. Many of these resorts are naturally spread out and surrounded by beautiful national parks.


If you are still wanting to get out and enjoy your summer vacation, there are options available. You just need to be a bit more creative and think outside the box.

Top 5 Social Distance Traveling Trends to Try


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