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Everyone on the "team" from Shallotte, Helayne, Michael, Casey and Candace, made the entire estate planning experience simple and easy. They took the time to explain each step in the process in ways we could understand and relate to, and then did the same with our family. We can now sleep at night knowing that everything we've worked our entire lives for will be protected and safe.

Denise and Bernie H.

Denise and Bernie H. Testimonial

Our experience has been pleasant and very informative. We did not think we needed Elder Law (Helayne's) services, but we are very pleased with the results, putting all our affairs in order. All the associates were very professional, and we are both pleased with the finished product.

Angelo & Lynn G.

We hired Helayne Levy Payne to prepare our wills and establish a trust fund to protect our assets. Helayne and her entire staff demonstrated a high level of professionalism throughout the entire process. They were all attentive to our needs and guided us with their knowledge and patience to assist us to meet our goals successfully. We would highly recommend this firm and we will not hesitate calling upon them for any future needs.

Ro and Tom Nucci

Helayne listened to our individual family issues and placed them perfectly into our will and living will. We were able to include our biggest concerns in an appropriate way. She was wonderful.


We attended a free estate planning seminar by another elder law practice a few years ago. We realized we needed a legal firm to help us and felt that an Elder Law practice was the best way to proceed. We began our search to find an expert that could guide us through this vast legal and confusing process. We talked to friends, did research on Elder Law practices in the area, and developed a short list of candidates to consider. We met Helayne and her staff and we were blown away by her friendly and compassionate yet professional manner, her vast legal knowledge and experience in every aspect of this kind of legal and life event type of planning. She put us at ease immediately. After explaining our situation and our goals and her explanation of all of the planning options, we felt we made the best decision on the type of planning we wanted, and we signed a contract with her. We were overwhelmed and confused at the beginning of this journey with all of the legal jargon and potential pitfalls. However, her endless patience, careful explaining and coaching, sense of humor, thoroughness, skill at asking and listening to get at our specific situation and our goals, we were able to break this process down and do some incredibly creative and effective planning. We felt we had turned over every stone and we had identified every situation and carefully planned for every eventuality when we are gone or no longer able to manage on our own. We could not have made a better choice than working with Helayne and her staff. If you are looking for someone to help you with your asset planning, we highly recommend Helayne Levy and her team at “Elder Law, Life Care Planning Center…..A Practice with a Purpose”. She made what seemed to be a very difficult process easy, and we have come away with great plans in place.

Jim & Donna

Helayne was able to grasp quickly and completely what we needed. Her knowledge base was broad and she was able to apply that knowledge to our situation. We had very specific goals and desires which needed special treatment. She does not have a cookie cutter approach to estate planning but rather tailors her approach to your needs. She was able to clearly articulate what the various vehicles would do and how the use of those vehicles would help us achieve our goals. She was also able to listen and respect our opinions when something did not seem quite right or confusing and took the time to understand us. Her staff was pleasant and professional and very easy to work with. Whether you have a complex or a simple estate plan in mind Helayne will find a workable solution for you.


Ms. Levy-Payne was exceptionly clear and precise in every instance. She explained all in easily acceptable terms. She would not continue to a new item until the previous item was well understood. She welcomed question at any time. I will recommend her with a clear conscience.


Wonderful To Work With Helayne set up our family Trust and was so easy to work with. She guided us through all of it and was very kind and patient with my moms many questions. She made a difficult task easy and comfortable for us to deal with. Thank you Helayne


All you could ask for and more We didn't have much to protect, but we wanted it protected well. Helayne and her staff were exceptionally thorough and remarkably flexible, asking questions about things we had not considered. After 35+ years in banking and regulatory risk management, I think I know what "thorough and accurate" means. If you want that, these are the folks for you


We first met Attorney Levy at one of her free information conferences. Many topics were discussed and we realized how little we knew about protecting our investments and property after our death or during any incapacitation. This prompted us to make an appointment with Attorney Levy, as we were impressed with her thorough presentation and knowledge. It was then that we realized how little we knew. On our first visit, Attorney Levy and her staff welcomed us and presented us with an overview of what to expect, giving us options on various plans. We chose the plan we thought was best suited for us and as we now come to concluding our plan, we would like to give the highest praises to Attorney Levy and her staff, who are not only knowledgeable and professional, but also warm and caring. We are very pleased with our future plan and want to thank Attorney Levy and her staff for always making us feel comfortable, even when we felt inadequate in understanding legal jargon. We feel fortunate to have an attorney we not only trust, but one whom we now think of as a friend. It is a comfortable feeling knowing that if we have any questions at any time, we can always call the office for our answers.

Patricia and John Hannigan

Helayne Levy - Klein Trust To anyone interested in setting up a Living Will and Family Trust: Our children asked us to get an estate plan prepared to let our family and others know what we would like to have done with our property and assets in the event of our incapacitation or death. Their request was based on their bad experience with an in-law’s estate that was literally seized from them by the court system because there was no will or estate planning. We did not want that to happen to our family. After investigating several possible law groups, we choose Helayne Levy at The Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center, as our guide through this process. She holds an LL.M. in Elder Law, a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, a board member of NAELA North Carolina Chapter, and a member of the North Carolina Bar Association Elder Law Section, among other credentials. During our initial consultation, we discussed our family needs and goals, and how we could achieve the proper results. We felt Helayne was the right choice and elected to move forward. The development of our legal documentation progressed through a series of interactive meetings, resulting in a document package including a Family Trust, a Living Trust, a Retirement Plan Trust, a Living Will and Testament, a Personal Care Plan, and a General Power of Attorney, for each of us. We are confident this plan will meet our family’s needs and will help insure our needs are also met as we get older. We are very pleased with the personal and professional interaction with Helayne and her staff, during this entire process. We feel they did a great job and highly recommend them to others.


As a courtesy to us. She reproduced documentation. this included , a will, power of attorney and health care proxy. I am waiting to receive all documents, She was generous with the attention paid to the client, my mother age 97.

Maryann Darzano

If you're looking for an Elder Care attorney, look no further than Elder Care and Life Care Planning. Helayne Levy and her staff are professional, meticulous, empathetic and caring when it comes to the entire process of providing for you and your loved ones. I highly recommend this firm!


We both enjoyed working with Ms. Levy. She proved to have excellent insight into our needs and earned our complete trust and admiration. We would highly recommend her.


Creating Calm from Chaos 5.0 stars Our family needed counsel and guidance after our Dad fell ill in September 2016. Helayne and her team guided us all through the Power of Attorney process with care, detail, and compassion. Her team provides excellent back up and responsiveness through the complicated documentation process. Her personal care and devotion is crystal clear throughout every interaction.


Elder Care? Helayne is a must! 5.0 stars I had a trust in place when I moved to NC. I found Helayne via Google! Best search results I have ever gotten. I really thought I knew my Trust stuff, as well as Durable POA and Healthcare POA. Helayne added so much more and made me think through this process. She hits every base and delivers a home run. A tough subject that Helayne makes comfortable to discuss.


Best Elder Law Attorney In Town!! 5.0 stars Helayne Levy is one awesome Attorney. She is smart, articulate, her understanding of this most complicated Law is amazing. She further speaks to you in layman's language that you can understand. Her mission is to protect you, your assets.. All these attributes are make Helayne Levy one Attorney I was proud to hire A D so very glad I did.


Helayne Levy 5.0 stars Posted by Carol April 15, 2016 Helayne Levy is a tribute to the legal profession. Upon meeting with me initially, she recognized the time sensitivity of our dilemma, and acted expediently to correct our issues. My elderly Mother found herself embroiled in a legal situation that could have potentially been devastating, emotionally as well as financially. Without the guidance of Helayne and her professional staff, I seriously doubt we would have persevered, Not only was she direct and succinct, but she took the time necessary to explain in detail all aspects of the matter, questioning my mother as she proceeded to ensure comprehension of the discussion. All telephone calls or texts were answered expediently, usually that same day, by either Helayne or her paralegal, certainly an anomoloy in the legal profession, After numerous encounters with various attorneys throughout my life, I can honestly recommend Helayne as the most professional and, actually, caring individual I have employed. She has even visited my Mother in her home, certainly a gesture I will never forget. Her apparent compassion for the elderly is evident and serves her well in her chosen profession.


Elder Law 5.0 stars Posted by Raquel February 27, 2016 When my companion and I met, we were 69 years old. He and I soon faced the issue of marriage. We both wanted to be sure we were doing the correct financial thing for us together and individually. We both wanted the best outcome with our finances and families. When we consulted with Helayne Levy we learned so much about keeping our finances safe and sound. We are so grateful to have hired Helayne, for we found in her someone we could trust and we knew she had our best interest in mind!


Several referrals lead me to seek the services of Helayne Levy of Elder Law & Life Care Planning Center. Along with her staff, Helayne has been most patient with me as we complete the documents and paperwork necessary for my contentment with end-of-life concerns. They have a welcoming atmosphere that puts one at ease. Having such an atmosphere and still maintaining professional standards is just the perfect balance. Respectfully,

L.C. - Columbus County

Helayne has helped me tremendously through a very sad time. Her compassion and wealth of knowledge has been a blessing! She is always willing to listen to my concerns and genuinely cares. I would recommend her highly.


I found Helayne Levy and A Practice With Purpose after doing an online search for an elder law attorney with expertise in, among other things, estate planning. I wanted a lawyer who was passionate about the work and excelled at it; a ‘player’ in the field, not just a reporter on the sidelines. I also needed someone I felt comfortable with and could trust. Peer reviews, affiliations and her credentials confirmed the first set of conditions – a personal visit confirmed the latter. Within 30 minutes of my first meeting with Helayne I was sold. She is not only extremely knowledgeable of NC law but veterans rights as well; and is a warm, caring, considerate and perceptive woman with a brilliant mind. She asks all the pertinent questions and somehow manages to turn the information she’s given into options and recommendations from which legal documents bloom. Several weeks later, our estate planning efforts are done, but she remains as responsive to my interests today as she was on day one. How fortunate I am that I didn’t stop at the first name returned by my online search.


My wife, her parents, and I moved from Vermont to North Carolina a little over a year ago in need of an Attorney to prepare an end of life strategy for my father- and mother-in-law. We were new to Wilmington with no local family or friends and unsure who to contact for elder care law services. After a recommendation from our Realtor, we contacted Helayne. From the initial interview, we were impressed by her knowledge and approach and felt she would be a good choice. Since then, we’re happy to say that Helayne has far exceeded our expectations by providing the expert legal guidance we needed to prepare a complete end of life plan including will, power of attorney, health care plan, and trust. What impresses us the most about Helayne is her strong knowledge of the law, tenacious commitment to protect our interests, amazing responsiveness to questions, and a special knack to make complex law and end of life scenarios easy to understand. But what truly distinguishes and endears us to Helayne is the way she cares about people. She is genuinely interested in how we’re doing and makes us feel like we’re the most important part of her day. We feel like family when we meet with her. We’re always warmly welcomed and enjoy every get-together. She is such a pleasure to work with. We know we’re in good hands and consider ourselves fortunate to have chosen her. If you’re in need of elder care law services, we enthusiastically recommend Helayne as the absolute best choice!


My wife and I recently engaged Helayne Levy to revise our wills and other end-of-life documents. We found her to be knowledgeable, thorough, and professional in every way. Moreover, and perhaps most important, she was caring, personable, and meticulous, making sure that she understood our needs and that we fully comprehended what she proposed. Even though her formal work on our documents has been completed, she has contacted us to determine if we have followed through on some items on which we had mutually agreed. We heartily recommend Helayne Levy as an attorney specializing in Elder Law.


When we moved from out of state, we needed to have our trust, will, power of attorney, and advanced directives updated. Helayne Levy Payne was highly recommended by others in our community. Helayne and her team were efficient, supportive, and compassionate in helping us through the process that resulted in a comprehensive plan for the future. Helayne's approach was both instructive and thorough. Her unique talent to listen and create made us confident that our final documents incorporated our family values and needs. The final meeting with our children and potential supportive individuals, was a bonus. End-of-life discussions are challenging but this meeting, and our final products have provided peace of mind that we will meet our needs and the needs of our family in the future.

Richard Helfrich

We greatly enjoyed working with all of the folks at Elder Law and are very happy with the plan crafted for us. Our estate planning was moderately complicated because we are a blended family with multiple children, each of us have our own IRA accounts, have a home that we’d like to keep within our family, and want to both preserve the value of our assets and protect ourselves from making undesirable financial and legal decisions. Importantly we wanted to make transition on our children as easy on them as possible. Guidance from Helayne & Michael was extremely helpful. They listened, provided firm recommendations, and incorporated our wishes in our plan. We recommend Helayne & Michael.

Whitney & Ken

She explained the whole process of creating a trust. Answered all our questions to our satisfaction. She is very knowledgeable of all the possible situations that could occur. We were very pleased with dealing with her. We would definitely recommend Helayne Levy Payne. Also her staff was excellent.


Helayne was very professional, respected all our wishes and addressed our concerns. We had a family meeting which included our daughters and she was very considerate of them as well, answering all their questions and explaining documents in detail. We feel Helayne has prepared us financially for many issues which we may be faced with in the future. We would definitely recommend her to others.


Helayne and her staff were extremely competent and made the entire experience of estate planning including wills, powers of attorney, personal health care plans, etc. more of a pleasure vice a somber experience. All documents were well explained and thorough. She and her staff are highly recommended.


Helayne, Hope this finds you feeling better after your appendectomy procedure a few weeks ago. I'm sure you are feverishly working to catch up on many things. I'm confident Bull was a colossal help in your recovery. Joy Just wanted to again thank you and your staff for the tremendous effort toward getting our "ducks in a row" via our recent estate planning sessions. Laurie and I sleep better at night knowing we have taken the best and correct action to protect as much as we can. Knowing that down the line in the event one or both of us requires long term care, our plan is in place, and our children are now relieved of trying to guess what to do, and what our wishes are. Having you and your team available as a resource and sounding board to guide them in the future is an enormous relief. Your knowledge of Elder Law is second to none and your patience in guiding us through the maze of required decisions a true blessing. I actually gasped when reading about the mess of Aretha Franklin's estate with hand written wills now being found in sofa cushions. Looking forward to a marvelous continuation of your support. Very truly yours, Paul & Laurie

Paul & Laurie

After comparing informational seminars sponsored by other elder law attorneys, it was readily apparent that we wanted Helayne’s expertise to prepare our wills, health care plans, and family trust. Throughout the process her commitment to address our personal requests and protect our interests exceeded all of our expectations. She and her entire staff continually demonstrated total dedication in responding to our questions and resolving issues as they arose. Helayne’s outgoing personality, genuine interest in our specific needs, ability to explain complex legal concepts, and her sense of humor insured that we looked forward to each of our planning sessions. Best of all, we have made a friend who is committed to providing us with timely advice and legal assistance for the rest of our lives.

Bruce & Ellen Johnson

After moving from VA to NC, we realized that our existing trust and other documents relating to our retirement years needed review and updating. We also knew that we wanted someone who was an expert in elder law. Based on many positive comments from others, we decided to meet with Helayne and her team at Elder Law Life Care Planning Center. We could not have made a better choice! Helayne and her team made us feel welcome and comfortable from the first meeting and throughout the whole process. As expected, Helayne was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional, but most of all very caring. It is easy to see she is compassionate about what she does and works from the heart for her clients to ensure their best interests are covered. She explained everything in layman’s terms, including answering our endless questions. You know from the beginning that she and her team are there to support you during the process and long after the formal documents are completed. If you want a pleasant and thorough experience by an expert in elder law and estate planning, we definitely would recommend Helayne and her team to help you because she really does have “a practice with a purpose“for each of her clients.

John & Christine

Helayne explained everything but was not pushy about “selling” us anything new. Nor did she make us feel guilty or stupid for not changing how we had things set-up.

Satisfied Couple

My experience stated when I searched for an Estate Planning Lawyer on line and Ms Levy's name came to the top of the list, and after phone conversation she came across as knowledgeable and experienced. After consultation with my wife and I, going over our family history, current status and future needs, we hired Ms Levy to provide us with an Estate Plan set of documents, Power of Attorney (Health and Financial), Wills and our case Trusts. Going through the process, she answered all of our questions and explained the details of each document including the hard to discuss details of one of us being incapacitated or expired, then what happens/what we wanted. Thus creating the documents to meet our needs, including review key items with our children. Also, her team followed through with all details of the documents as well as the actions for changing beneficiaries to coordinate with the new documentation. Helayne along with her team made the Estate Planning process a positive experience. Thanks Gary.


After being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, I realized that my family could be financially wiped out by extensive future medical costs. On the advice of our lawyers, we were recommended to contact the Elder Law firm for long term care planning, asset protection procedures, wills, trusts etc. After several extensive meetings, Helayne Levy (Payne) came up with the detailed plans to cover all the possibilities that could be encountered. We now have established irrevocable and revocable trusts to protect our assets, income stream and ensure health care including nursing homes and medical care. We are very pleased and satisfied with the outcome and thank Elder Law for their incredible knowledge and the thoroughness of the preperation of the necessary documents. Yours Sincerely, Michael and Philippa Booth

Michael & Philippa Booth

We hired Helayne & Co. for our Estate Planning ( Trusts,wills etc.) last year. All of our meetings with Helayne and her staff were comfortable even when discussing "uncomfortable" subjects. She is aware that there are discussions that many people want to avoid , but is able to initiate those conversations in a sensitive and caring manner. Near the end of our Trust setup, we encountered a substantial issue with the bank that holds our mortgage not allowing the house to be put into the trust as intended. Helayne , through her perseverance and diligence, was able to get this situation resolved to our satisfaction. Her support staff were always pleasant and professional. We would not hesitate to recommend Helayne to anyone looking for a truly professional and knowledgeable Elder Care Attorney.


My wife and I were totally unprepared for the thoroughness and preparedness of Helayne and her staff. She was the utmost professional in assisting us in preparing our wills, health care and general powers of attorney, and personal care plans. She played "Devil's Advocate" when it was proper to do so and allowed us to make our decisions on items that would not have come to our attention without her raising alternatives to our original thoughts. Her staff greatly assisted in the entire process with much professionalism and efficiency. Helayne and her staff were on time for all of our meetings and the meetings proceeded in a very professional, yet cordial, atmosphere. Helayne took a personal interest in our circumstances, including such items as family history, information on all of our children and grandchildren and family pictures. This had not been our experience with previous lawyers and made the meetings much more personal. All in all, the experience in dealing with Elder Law Care items was made much more pleasant in our relationship with Helayne.


We had the pleasure to meet Helayne Levy to help us with our Estate planing. Right away we felt that we had chosen a competent and personable lawyer. She made as feel comfortable and secure. Not only is she knowledgeable in Elder Law, she truly cares about you and is pleasant to work with. She explains the law in layman's language and is an awesome lawyer. If you need help with Estate planing, Trust or Wills, Helayne Levy is the lawyer you want to chose. Thank you Helayne, you are just wonderful.

Keith & Renate

5.0 stars An excellent lawyer, really knows the law, but most of all she cares about her customers and goes above and beyond to meet their needs.


From our initial consultation, Helayne provided my brother and me peace of mind and confidence that we had come to the right place. Dueq to some complications with my father's will and beneficiary designations, we were in jeopardy of my brother losing public assistance and benefits. Helayne explained our options and guided us through a process to ensure he received his share of my father's estate while maintaining his benefits. Helayne treated my special needs brother with dignity and respect. She was honest, compassionate, and competent. She answered every question with patience. She was promptly responsive to our calls. It was evident that she was passionate about her job and that she wanted to do a good job for us...and she did. At a time when we were grieving and unsure of what to do, Helayne was an answer to our prayers. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Helayne.

Dianne White

Kudos for Attorney Helayne Levy 5.0 stars Posted by Thomas C. April 11, 2016 My son needed a Special Needs trust in conjunction with applying for Medicare and Medicaid. This is a very complicated area and I wanted to make sure this trust was set up correctly so I contacted Attorney Levy upon a referral from another attorney. Ms. Levy patiently explained the why's and mechanism of setting up this trust to my son, my wife and myself in simple terms as we are not lawyers. Ms. Levy then contacted our financial services firm to transfer monies into this Special Needs trust. She took the pain out of trying to do this as I have my hands full in other aspects of trying to get benefits for our son. I highly recommend Attorney Helayne Levy with Special Needs trusts; Elder Law and a myriad of legal issues.

Thomas C.

My quest was to have my estate planning in order in the most comprehensive yet understandable way. Most of my family live in other states, so it was important for me that this was taken into consideration. Attorney Helayne Levy and staff accomplished this with the utmost of knowledge and true caring of my situation. Helayne Levy is an extraordinary lawyer and person.


Recently, my wife and I were faced with some complex legal issues that required urgent attention. Lacking any reliable legal contacts, we turned to an internet search and found glowing reviews for Attorney Levy and the Elder Law & Life Care Planning Center. Thankfully, we were able to secure an appointment with Ms. Levy on short notice, and never looked back. We could not have been more pleased with our choice. Ms. Levy put us at ease almost immediately, and we were able to quickly build a level of trust with her that made us feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that we had chosen a highly competent and very personable lawyer to represent our interests. The exchanges that ensued were open and productive (as they had to be, given the time constraints of our request). Following our information-gathering session, not only did Ms. Levy devote considerable after-hours time and effort to preparing the necessary documents, but she also suggested that we meet again on Labor Day (yes, a holiday!) to see that those documents were executed in a timely fashion. I cannot say enough about her dedication to task, and work ethics that can only be described as outstanding. And we could not have been more pleased with the results. Quite simply, if you are looking for legal expertise in the field of elder law in the Wilmington area, look no further than Attorney Levy and the Elder Law & Life Care Planning Center.


The Elder Law & Life Care Planning Center was retained to oversee the care of both of my parents. Since I live 750 miles away it was important to obtain a firm that I had complete trust and faith in. That trust and faith was obtained from the first phone call and continues to this day. With the compassion they show and the level of detail applied to any issue they are dealing with it has made us feel as if we were their only client. I have had the opportunity to meet the staff in-person, most recently with other family members who have never spoken to or met the staff, and after that first meeting they too were impressed, stating they felt the entire staff paid attention and listened to what was said and genuinely cared about issues being discussed. Note also, the center does not jump to conclusions, they thoroughly investigate and perform fact-finding before any decision or options are presented. I am not quite ready to retire, but retiring to this area to be able to retain the services of the center for my own use is a viable option.


Helayne Levy is someone skilled enough to navigate the ins and outs of elder law but personal enough to make one want her as a friend! I came in to get the traditional will and power of attorney "legal stuff" taken care of but left with so much more. Helayne guides and teaches as she helps her clients navigate the landscape of elder care options. She addresses the difficult topics surrounding aging such as becoming incapacitated and how to ensure your wishes are carried out if that should happen. Helayne's thoughtful and purposeful approach to elder care planning and decision making is one that I recommend everyone experience. She will help you get prepared mentally and legally for the process of aging and ensure that the appropriate legal documents are in place.


From the first time we met with Helayne Levy about pursuing long-term care for my father she helped put our minds at ease. She has been so knowledgeable about helping us coordinate public and private resources to finance the cost of his care. I feel confident in recommending the services of Helayne Levy as we have always found her easy to work with and always willing to discuss any concerns and respond to all of our questions.


We both enjoyed working with Ms. Levy. She proved to have excellent insight into our needs and earned our complete trust and admiration. We would highly recommend her.


Attorney Levy brings to the table a special care for her clients that can only come from one who is true to the heart. Add to that her personal determination to serve her clients to the best of her ability and her advanced education in elder law (an L.LM from Stetson) and you have a combination in one person that is simply breathtaking. Any client would be blessed to have her as counsel.


Returned all calls in a timely manner. Kept me updated and informed. Attorney Levy is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of Elder Law, Estate Planning and Long Term Care Planning.

Estate Planning Client

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