To Plan Or Not To Plan

Estate planning may not feel like a very rewarding process. Thinking about and planning for the end of life can be pretty scary for some individuals.

Many families simply wish to avoid the issue altogether and may forgo making any end-of-life preparations. But it is far better to have an estate plan than to not!

What happens when you skip estate planning?

If you skip making an estate plan and leave no legal device to administer your estate, the State will decide who will distribute your estate, what your assets are, and who gets them.

That doesn’t exactly give you control or peace of mind in knowing that your hard-earned assets will go where you intended.

If you skip estate planning, you have not appointed anyone legally to step into your shoes should you become unable to care for yourself.

In a crisis, healthcare could be delayed because there is no designated authority to consent to medical treatment on your behalf.

If you skip estate planning, you could potentially leave behind a big mess and cause a lot of discord among family members.

When there is no legal plan in place, it often leads to arguing, hurt feelings, and bitterness amongst family members.

The easiest way to avoid these pitfalls is to make your estate plan before a crisis hits. Contact our office to discuss your family, your assets, and your wishes.


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