Our furry friends are a part of our family as our blood relatives. We love them, cherish them, and provide for them much as we do for their human counterparts. As a result, they often become part of end-of-life considerations and contemplations.

What happens to Scruffy when I die?

In an ideal situation, a family or friend will step in to take care of Scruffy and provide Scruffy with a good home and life. But that isn’t always possible, and it’s never good to leave that up to fate. Moreover, it could become increasingly difficult to make arrangements for Scruffy if no advanced plans or agreements were made on his behalf ahead of time.

Nobody, not even Scruffy, should have to worry about that in the days following your passing. Scruffy and your loved ones will have enough on their plates. They will be comforted knowing that your careful planning in advance means they don’t have to make any hard decisions in their grief. Piecing together an estate plan on your own or trying to cut corners can end up costing your beneficiaries a lot of money and hardship in the long run

Your beloved pets can be provided for in your estate planning documents. Whether you choose a Last Will and Testament or a Trust Agreement, you can make accommodations for your pets with advanced planning. You can nominate a trusted person to care for your pets and even devise funds to provide for the ongoing care and maintenance of your pets.

If you have pets and want to make them part of your plan so that there is no ceasing of their care in a crisis, contact our office so we can include them.


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