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How to Be Your Own Healthcare AdvocateYou don’t have to suffer if you aren’t happy with your healthcare treatment. Instead, you can become your healthcare advocate and know when to call in the pros when needed.   

  • Know your rights – Read your insurance documents, ask questions about anything you don’t understand, and come to your doctor appointments prepared. Know your health history, current symptoms, and the medication you take.   
  • Find a new doctor if need be – If you’re unhappy with your doctor, talk to other healthcare professionals and find out who they trust and who has a good reputation. Next, check with your state health board to ensure they are certified and can offer the care you need.   
  • Out of Network care – If a doctor you need to see is out of your network, you have the right to request an exception from your insurance provider. Ask your doctor to get involved and get prior approval for the care you seek.   
  • Keep your cool – It’s easy to feel angry when your health is at stake and you aren’t able to get the care you need. Instead of getting mad, be firm and confident and stay calm and pleasant. You can get through what may seem like an impossible situation if you know what your rights are and ask good questions.   

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