Have You Downloaded the VA Health and Benefits Mobile AppOver 1 million Veterans have downloaded the new VA: Health and Benefits mobile app that gives them fast, secure, and easy access to the benefits and health care they earned.  

The app was designed with the collaboration of Veterans to offer timely and convenient health and benefits information, including claims, appointments, and appeals status. It also gives Veterans and their families quick, direct access to the VA Crisis Line

While the app continues to evolve to meet the needs of Veterans, here are just a few of its capabilities:   

  • Check the status of claims and appeals 
  • Securely message members of their VA health care team 
  • Manage health care appointments 
  • Download critical VA documents and letters 
  • Find local VA facilities 
  • Access vaccine records 
  • Quickly reach the Veterans Crisis Line 

Since its implementation, Veterans have exchanged over one million secure messages with their healthcare providers and downloaded over 3.3 million documents. In addition, claims information has been accessed over 45 million times.   

Instead of having to contact or go to a VA office to file and check claims, Veterans can now access them through the app. The app also puts a Veteran’s care and benefits at their fingertips. It makes it easier for them to access services whenever and wherever they want.  

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