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On Wednesday, October 2nd, over 100 community members gathered at Odell Williamson Auditorium to learn how to Age With Purpose. This educational event focused on brain-health, wellness, and legal planning. Age With Purpose was organized by Healthy Living NC and brought together five different professionals to share their knowledge. Presenting the event, Healthy Living NC, Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center, and the Alive Inside Foundation, had a specific goal in mind. Their goal was to share the message that many forms of cognitive decline are preventable. By planning, in terms of our physical and cognitive health, as well as our legal and financial wellness, we can make a difference in how the second half of life plays out.

With the help of event sponsors, Old North State Trust, United Health Brunswick, and Coastal Companion Care, Age With Purpose served up delicious and nutritious meals in addition to great information. The presentations focused on strategies for healthy living and how it can help improve cognition and avoid dementia.

Speakers for Age With Purpose included:

Dr. Kelli Kirksey, Ph.D., Holistic Psychotherapist presents “Self Care: “The New Medicine for Brain Health.”

Mary Trybuskiewicz RD, LDN presents “Eating for a Healthy Brain.”

Helayne Levy Payne, J.D., LL.M. presents “Age Like You Mean It!℠

Dr. Mabel Lopez, Ph.D., presents “Healthy Aging Lifestyles: Optimize Brain Function, Prevent Dementia.”

Martin Case J.D., QMHP, GCM presents “Brain Health for Life! “


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