Michael Becker of the Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center, traveled to State College, PA, from August 12th-13th, 2019, to meet with 25 other leading elder law attorneys and key staff from across the nation. On August 13th, Helayne Levy Payne (in absentia) and Michael Becker were presented with the Superb Lawyer Award. This award is presented to attorneys who demonstrate dedication to improving service to their clients and visioning their firm and services to position them to deliver a top notch client experience.

The Superb Lawyer Award recognizes leading attorneys in estate planning and elder law who constantly strive to improve their client experience and satisfaction, with a focus on bringing peace of mind to their clients. Superb Lawyers should not go unnoticed for their dedication and hard work over the years for their excellent service not only to their clients, but also for their care and commitment to their local community.

If you are in the need of excellent elder law or estate planning care, you can schedule an appointment with Helayne Levy Payne or Michael Becker, by reaching out to the information below:

Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center: clientservices@apracticewithpurpose.com, 910-755-7526


Below is a picture of Michael Becker receiving a Superb Lawyer Award at the Conference.



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