Parents and children sometimes drift apart, or find themselves completely estranged from one another. Years may go by with no contact between a parent and a child. 


Many parents who are estranged from their children find themselves in great conflict. They may ask themselves questions like:


  • Do I provide for an estranged child? 
  • How do I make provisions for a child I’ve been estranged from for years? 
  • Can I leave an estranged child out of my will? 
  • Can an estranged child contest my will? 


These questions and many more become a source of conflict in the hearts and minds of estranged parents. Parents feel torn between what may be allowed and what is right for them in their unique family situation. 


The good news is that legally, you can make any decision that suits you. Who you leave your estate to or divide your estate among your beneficiaries is completely up to you. Some states require that specific language be included in the will that expresses the desire to disinherit or “omit” a lineal descendent from their will. 


More good news is that you can change your Last Will and Testament any time you want to. So, what you decide today does not have to be your decision forever. 


If your circumstances change or your wishes change, you can create a new will and make whatever changes you desire. Nothing is written in stone until you take your last breath on earth. 


If you have a complex family situation and you are concerned about how it may affect your estate planning, contact our office so that you can move forward with peace of mind.


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