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Top 5 Social Distance Traveling Trends to Try

Although the pandemic still seems to be in full force across most of the country, some people are still trying to make the most of the situation and travel as safely as possible. While still maintaining their privacy and not venturing too far from home, travelers are reinventing new ways of travel and revisiting some older ones as well. While some of your favorite travel spots may not bean option, there are still a variety of ways to take a trip while practicing social distancing. Here are five most popular social distancing travel trends: #1. Road Trip - There is a lot of appeal, and control, when it comes to this affordable and flexible option. Whether you rent a car or take your own, thi

6 Painless Ways to Stop the Money Leaks For some

For some of us, managing money is a necessity. Of course, you can save money but cutting out some of your non-essential pleasures, like your premium cable channels or morning trip to the coffee shop, but the good news is that not all money wasters make you happy. Here are six ways to stop money from leaking through your wallet without pain: Money-Waster #1: Landline Phones Most households rely on mobile phones only, but less than one-quarter of people ages 65 and up have made the switch. If you do want to keep your landline, be sure that you’re not overpaying. Check with your internet or television provider to see what options they provide. Potential savings: $560/year. Money-Waster #2: Gr

Managing Your Mental Health During a Tough Time

Even if you are not prone to having mental health problems, our current situation due to COVID-19 alone is enough to result in anxiety in the best of us. Fortunately, with the right tools, you can help keep your mental health intact. Here are four natural ways to manage your mental health: #1: Eat the right foods. While there isn’t a magic supplement for curing anxiety, there is proof that some nutrients and foods can help alleviate anxiety: Fatty fish – This type of fish is rich in omega- 3 fatty acids that have shown to reduce anxiety and improve depression symptoms. People who get over 2,000 grams of fish oil a day have shown significant improvements. It is hard to get that in your diet,

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