Why Digital Assets Need to Be Part of Your Estate PlanIn today’s interconnected world, you’re likely to own traditional and digital assets. This includes everything from your social media accounts and email to digital currencies like Bitcoin. 

These assets hold sentimental and financial value, but many overlook them when planning their estate.

Asset Identification: Begin by creating a comprehensive list of all digital assets, which may include social media accounts, email accounts, digital photos, and even your work in digital formats. Don’t forget cryptocurrency wallets, online investment accounts, and e-commerce accounts like eBay or Etsy.

Access Credentials: Compile usernames, passwords, and security questions associated with these digital assets. Store this information in a secure yet accessible location and make sure that your executor has the ability to access it.

Value Assessment: Certain digital assets like domain names, blog content, or digital copyrights might hold significant monetary value. Make sure these are correctly evaluated and included in the overall assessment of your estate.

Legal Authorization: Designate a “digital executor” who is given explicit permission to access and manage these assets upon your death.

Don’t let these digital assets cause confusion and stress for your loved ones. Incorporate them into your estate plan to ensure a smoother transition of your entire estate. 

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