How to Start the Conversation About Estate Planning with Your Adult ChildrenTalking about estate planning is often a conversation that’s swept under the rug. 

But as you age, it becomes a more pressing issue that you and your adult children should discuss openly and honestly.

Choose the Right Time and Place: The timing and setting matter. Find a quiet, relaxed environment to introduce the topic, perhaps during a family gathering where everyone is at ease but not distracted.

Be Direct but Tactful: Euphemisms won’t help here. Be straightforward about your intentions to plan for the future, but also sensitive to your children’s emotions.

Involve Them in the Process: This isn’t just about you; it’s about them, too. Share the location of your important documents, the contact details of your estate planning attorney, and discuss the potential roles they might assume, such as executor or power of attorney.

You may even consider a family meeting facilitated by an estate planning attorney to ensure that all concerns are addressed professionally. Preparing your adult children for these responsibilities can help prevent disputes later on and ensure that your wishes will be carried out as you intended.

It’s better to have these conversations when you’re healthy and able rather than during a crisis when emotions are high and time is limited. Planning now will give you and your children the peace of mind that comes from being prepared. 

We specialize in educating and helping you protect what you have for the people you love the most. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.


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