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Helayne, Michael, and the Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center Team had a busy day yesterday! The Life Expo was an excellent opportunity to share our expertise and resources with the community. Events like this are so important. They help get valuable information and opportunities in front of people who may not otherwise have access.

Our goal yesterday was to share information about why pre-planning is essential and spur people into action. Helayne hosted two 30 minute mini-lectures on Success in Seven, an abbreviated look at her Age Like You Mean It! forum, on the main-stage. Helayne also shared her full 2-hour Age Like You Mean It!(sm) lecture in a special breakout-session during the Life Expo.

While Helayne and Michael were on the move, Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center team members were at the booth sharing available resources and upcoming events with guests to the expo. Guests got a first-hand look at Helayne’s two new short books from the You’re Not Alone Series: Living With Alzheimer’s Disease and Living as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver. Guests were also able to sign up early for Helayne’s upcoming event, Age With Purpose on October 2nd.

Age With Purpose features a series of groundbreaking presentations on recent research and studies on maintaining healthy bodies & minds for life. We’ll be specifically looking at how strategies for healthy living can help improve cognition and avoid dementia. We will discuss the importance of legal and financial planning as part of an overall strategy for peace of mind and confidence as we face this next phase of our lives, head-on. Visit to save your seat.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at the Life Expo. We truly enjoyed seeing all of you. If you missed us, please check out the News and Events page on our website for our upcoming Educational Forum dates. We hope to see you at our next community event!



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