Most often, when we hear the term “Guardian” or “Guardianship,” we think of minors and the adults who protect them. But sometimes, when older people age, signs imply they could be a danger to themselves without the oversight of a guardian.

In some cases, you might be concerned that your elderly Grandma (or Mother, Uncle, or neighbor) is at risk of abuse or neglect. As a result, they cannot prevent harm from coming to them. In other words, you might perceive that either someone else or Grandma herself can bring immediate harm or danger to her.

If Grandma is suffering from a mental decline and confusion, she may not take her medication or may refuse to see a doctor. In other cases, Grandma could give stacks of hundred-dollar bills away to the maintenance man or the pool boy.  

If you have tried to put safeguards in place to keep her safe but feel that your efforts still leave room for her to be exploited or harmed, you may consider petitioning the court for Guardianship over Grandma.

The process is overseen by the court and can be lengthy and costly. However, if it is necessary to keep Grandma safe, it is a viable option available to you. The process begins with getting a letter from Grandma’s physician explaining that she cannot care for herself or her property. If a physician does not write the letter, other avenues may be more appropriate for your Grandma. 

In any case, consult with our office to determine the specifics about seeking a Guardianship before making a decision.

We specialize in educating and helping you protect what you have for the people you love the most. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.


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