Beware of the “Jury Duty Scam” Targeting Seniors in Brunswick CountySeniors in Brunswick County, be on alert! A cunning scam known as the “jury duty scam” is making its rounds, targeting our senior citizens. These scammers can be highly convincing, often pretending to be judges, law enforcement officers, or federal agents. They might even use real names and fake caller IDs to appear legitimate. The scam typically involves a caller claiming you’ve missed jury duty and face severe penalties, unless you pay a fine immediately, usually via pre-paid debit or gift cards.

These fraudulent calls have caused people to lose thousands of dollars, and our seniors are particularly vulnerable. It’s essential to remember that official notifications about jury duty are always sent by mail, not by phone. If you receive such a call, hang up immediately and do not provide any personal information.

Protect yourself by staying informed. Learn more about how this scam works and how to safeguard yourself by reading the detailed article from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. Click the link below to read the full article and protect yourself from these deceitful practices.

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Protecting Yourself from Elder Fraud

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