Welcoming the Center's New Executive Director!

Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center is proud to announce and welcome Jamie Duesing as the Center’s Executive Director.

Ms. Duesing joins The Elder Law and Life Care Planning team after serving the Brunswick County population for 12+ years. Most recently, she directed the Teen Court program where she successfully expanded the reach of the program and exceeded clientele quotas. Ms. Duesing comes from a diverse professional background working with people of all ages and in various walks of life, she has always made giving back to her community a top priority. Among the various responsibilities, Ms. Duesing will be enhancing unparalleled client experiences at the Center.

The Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center is a Practice With Purpose. The first of its kind in North Carolina, the Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center is the first and only member of the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, an organization dedicated to supporting law firms that practice this innovation in Elder Law. Practice areas include Asset Preservation and Protection, Estate Planning, Guardianship and Guardianship Mediation, Disability, and Special Needs Planning, Life Care Planning, and Long-Term Care Benefits and Resources.

The founder of The Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center, Helayne Levy Payne, expressed confidence that Ms. Duesing is ready to jump into the position by saying, “Jamie’s inherent code of ethics and her commitment to community aligns perfectly with the purpose and demonstrated objectives of the Center. We are so excited to welcome Jamie Duesing as Executive Director!”

Further information about The Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center can be found at www.apracticewithpurpose.com.

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