Sharon Luquire 

“The Nurse” and Geriatric Care Manager

Sharon Luquire is a Geriatric Care Manager, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and a retired Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience in Long Term Care. Her belief is simple, every senior adult and their family member should have access to and knowledge of resources that are available to them as they navigate the confusing and frustrating healthcare maze. Family members with aging loved ones worry every day as they struggle to care for, or find care for, their loved ones who are no longer able to provide their own care.


Feelings of anguish, fear, guilt, concern, and indecision are overwhelming. Questions such as: What do I do? Whom do I call? Where do I go? Whom can I trust to help me figure this out? often appear to have no answer.


Sharon's desire is to provide compassionate guidance and advocacy that is most often not available to families when they have so many unanswered questions and seemingly, no place to go for help.


“One of the hardest things I ever had to do was try to figure out how to balance my mom and dad’s desire and insistence on maintaining their independence and control over their lives with my need to make certain they were safe, secure and that the RIGHT decisions were made. I wanted to honor their wishes and show them the respect they deserved but I worried, really worried, that I would make the wrong decision.” Sharon shared.


This is not an uncommon call that we receive, and, to be honest, trying to tackle those issues alone or trying to make decisions when family members are not in agreement can be harrowing, at best.


That’s why Sharon is here. As your Geriatric Care Manager, she will assist you in every way possible to provide options to maintain a quality of life that is safe and satisfying for as long as possible. She wants to hear your story, your struggles, and your worries.  She wants to listen, really listen, to your hopes and desires for the future.  After all, the better Sharon understands how you feel and what is important to you, the better she can develop a plan of caring that will work for you.  Let us help you eliminate or reduce some of the anxiety and fear associated with simply not knowing what to do or where to turn.


"One of my mom’s favorite verses was 'God made memories so there would be roses in December.' We are here so that your time together can be spent continuing to build memories instead of worries and regrets. Our wish for you is a garden filled with beautiful roses!"


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