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If you’ve heard Helayne speak at one of her educational forums, chances are you’ve heard the word “guardianship.” It’s so important to know what happens to your rights legally when you can’t make decisions for yourself, and one of those potential outcomes is guardianship. As part of the Rethinking Guardianship Taskforce, Helayne is on a mission to improve the guardianship process and raise awareness about the impact guardianship can have on you and your loved ones if you don’t plan.

WRAL did a great piece on where the guardianship system stands today and shares critical information that everyone should know! We encourage you to take the time to watch the video below.

WRAL Investigates: NC guardianship program stirs concern

NC’s guardianship program was designed to protect children and adults who can’t protect themselves for a variety of reasons, including physical and mental health issues. WRAL Investigates spoke to three Wake County residents who feel our system is too rigid and infringes on the rights of those placed under guardianship. It’s an issue anyone with aging parents needs to know about to prepare for the future.

Web editor: Alfred Charles

Reporter: Cullen Browder

Producer: Randall Kerr

Photographer: Richard Adkins

6:40 p.m., Nov 27




March 11, 2021

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We are not medical professionals, and we make no opinion on the efficacy of the vaccination, or receiving the vaccination. ...

The Covid-19 Vaccine

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