Lynn Bennett - Executive Director Emeritus

In 2006, my husband and I purchased our vacation home in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  This home became my “sanctuary”, where I would go to get away from it all.   I fell in love with the stillness that surrounded me.  The beautiful beaches and most of all the way I felt whenever I came to visit.  We knew someday we would retire here.


Sooner than expected, we made the decision to move and, in 2015, we relocated here from New York. My background is in Human Resources (employee benefits, labor negotiations, employee counseling & development, talent acquisition, payroll, and training). I worked for 25 years as Vice President of Human Resources for an upscale retailer in New York City.  In this role, I helped others in the workplace in so many ways and felt it rewarding to know that I was there for them as a coach and mentor. 


After taking some time off, I was fortunate to find my “second calling” working for Helayne Levy at the Elder Law & Life Care Planning Center.   I remember telling Helayne; “I feel alive” and “I’ve found my purpose again” as my passion has been, and will always be, helping others.  I find it very rewarding to work with our clients from their very first consultation to the completion of their planning.  My role at the Center is to guide our clients through the process so that people feel encouraged, embraced and supported throughout their experience with us.

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