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The Alive Inside Coalition recognizes the loneliness and disconnection in all our lives. If it is a symptom of living “life out of balance,” we must change!

Loneliness and isolation impact everyone – parents, children, caregivers, older people, you and I. Intergenerational relationships are essential to our development and yet they are being engineered out of modern life. This breakdown of human relationships has a cost; you see it in the madness unfolding worldwide.

Young and old are designed to mature, in a relationship, together.

We are trying to make a difference. Our Alive Inside Volunteers have had amazing experiences waking elders with dementia.

You can join them.

Our new program lets volunteers help from the comfort of their home.

Just one phone call from you can change life for an elder and their family. But just as important, you can become part of reconnecting humanity- instead of just watching it fall apart.

Talking about music with elders and caregivers, sending a “Memory Player” to a family- feels great.

It feels great to connect!

If you have an elder living with dementia who needs their memories awakened, we have volunteers standing by.

Sign Up for the Pilot Program here. We will give the first 100 elders who apply for the Pilot Program- all they need. The video below is the story of Chloe giving music to Carolyn, her elder in need.

We are grateful and honor the generosity of our donors – they have made this program possible. Every $50 donated helps one elder. They will receive a headset and a trained volunteer to help them.

Fight Loneliness and Disconnection!


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