If it has been five years or longer since you created your original Estate Plan, it is time to dig it out of the safety deposit box or filing cabinet and do some maintenance on it. 

While it is possible that some of your personal needs or wishes would have changed, it is also possible that the laws have changed. Therefore, making sure that your estate plan is current and compliant with state statutes is just as important as doing it in the first place. 

Sadly, we often see people in a crisis when they realize that the plan, they “thought” they had put together, is no longer legal or valid. 

Updating your Estate Plan at regular intervals will ensure that it stays compliant with the laws and will keep your plan aligned with any significant life events or changes. 

Other events that necessitate a tune-up include; marriage, divorce, getting an inheritance, and winning the lottery. 

If enough time has passed or you have had a significant life event take place since creating your estate plan, contact us for a check-in and tune-up.


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