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Age Like You Mean It!℠ is coming to Age With Purpose on October 2nd.

Last, but certainly not least, in our speaker introductions, we'd like to announce that Helayne Levy Payne will be joining us on Wednesday! Helayne Levy Payne, J.D., LL.M. presents "Age Like You Mean It!℠" Attorney Helayne Levy Payne brings her experience planning for the second half of life to our Age With Purpose event! Her "Age Like You Mean It!℠" presentation takes you through the entire orientation of the second half of life, which is considerably different than the first half. Ms. Levy Payne focuses on the important legal documents that must be in place to directly address the increasing challenges of health care and planning for long-term care needs from a financial and personal persp

Meet Martin Case- Age With Purpose Speaker

Age With Purpose is almost here! Helayne Levy Payne, together with Martin Case of Healthy Living NC, has brought together a team of experienced leaders in the health and planning arena to share their knowledge with the public. On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, Age With Purpose takes over Odell Williamson Auditorium at Brunswick Community College for a day of groundbreaking presentations. As one of our organizers and speakers, we'd love to introduce you to Martin Case! Martin Case J.D., QMHP, GCM presents "Brain Health for Life! " There are simple changes we can make in our everyday activities and diets today. These changes can fuel our minds and preserve our physical health and mental clarity a

Happy Punctuation Day!

Did you know that today is Punctuation Day? Today we're celebrating the power of the written word and the importance of grammar and punctuation in our communication. Few appreciate the power of punctuation like an attorney. The placement of a comma can change the effectiveness of a clause. Don't believe us?

Meet Mary Trybuskiewicz! Age With Purpose Speaker

We're two weeks away from our inaugural Age With Purpose at the Odell Williamson Auditorium! We want to introduce you to another one of our fabulous speakers. Meet Mary Trybuskiewicz RD, LDN! She will be presenting "Eating for a Healthy Brain." Did you know that you have power over the way y our genes express themselves and the state of your health? It's called FOOD. Every bite either assists your body on its health mission or gets in the way of that mission. Bring your questions, and Trybuskiewicz will help you navigate through the "treacherous food terrain," and learn how to support healthy brain function, starting with your next meal. Trybuskiewicz is a graduate of the State University Co

Raising Awareness for the Importance of Nutrition

We wanted to share this great video with you. We're gearing up for our Age With Purpose event on October 2nd. This resource from Dr. Perlmutter highlights the importance of nutrition, which will be one of our topics at the event! *We're not medical professionals and we don't pretend to be. All information, content, and material of this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center's Day at the Life Expo!

Helayne, Michael, and the Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center Team had a busy day yesterday! The Life Expo was an excellent opportunity to share our expertise and resources with the community. Events like this are so important. They help get valuable information and opportunities in front of people who may not otherwise have access. Our goal yesterday was to share information about why pre-planning is essential and spur people into action. Helayne hosted two 30 minute mini-lectures on Success in Seven, an abbreviated look at her Age Like You Mean It! forum, on the main-stage. Helayne also shared her full 2-hour Age Like You Mean It!(sm) lecture in a special breakout-session during the Li

Introducing Dr. Kellie Kirksey: "Self Care: The New Medicine for Brain Health"

In 2019, millions of people will receive the shattering news of an Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis. What many do not realize is that some forms of cognitive decline are preventable. By planning ahead both in terms of our physical health and our legal and financial wellness, we can make a difference in how the second half of life plays out. Helayne Levy Payne is the founder of the Elder Law and Life Care Planning Center, an elder care and special needs law firm offering quality representation to clients throughout North Carolina. Together with Martin Case of Healthy Living NC, Helayne has brought together a team of experienced leaders in the health and planning arena to share their knowledge wi

Meet Dr. Mabel Lopez! Age With Purpose Event Speaker

We'd like to introduce you to Dr. Mabel Lopez. Dr. Lopez is one of our speakers for the upcoming Age With Purpose event at Brunswick Community College. Dr. Lopez is a is a neuropsychologist at and owner of Mind and Brain Care, LLC,(, established in 2010. She is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Florida, with a specialty in neuropsychology. Dr.Lopez received her Ph.D. from Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine and Science, formerly known as the Finch University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School. We're so excited to have her come and share her expertise with us on October 2nd, 2019 at Age With Purpose! RSVP for Age With Purpose HERE! Dr. Lopez's presentation “Healt

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