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Tiny traveling carnival, not seen for 35 years, comes to Wilmington

Adrian Vickers’ Miniature British Fair will be the centerpiece of Thalian Hall’s Christmas Festival Dec. 17-20 Small things come in very large packages. Or at least that’s what happened when a big, wooden shipping crate arrived at Thalian Hall a few days before Hurricane Florence struck Wilmington in September. Within that crate was a whimsical world that hadn’t seen the light of day in more than 35 years: Adrian Vickers’ Miniature British Fair, a replica of a turn-of-the-century traveling carnival complete with a Ferris wheel, carousel, “Noah’s Ark” and much more. When fully assembled, the models, and the little dolls who fit in them, take up about 800 square feet. After last touring the Un

Elder Justice “No Harm” Newsletter – Issue 10

Elder Justice: What "No Harm" Really Means for Residents is a newsletter published by the Center for Medicare Advocacy and the Long Term Care Community Coalition. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide residents, families, friends, and advocates information on what exactly a "no harm” deficiency is and what it means to nursing home residents. Our latest issue has real stories from nursing homes in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Washington. Some examples of “no harm” deficiencies featured in this issue include a resident being dropped onto the floor and another resident being sexually assaulted. To read the latest issue of the newsletter or to access past issues, please visit: http:

Checklist for Medicare Outpatient Therapy “Improvement Standard” Denials

With support from the John A. Hartford Foundation, the Center for Medicare Advocacy has produced a new Checklist to help Medicare beneficiaries and their families respond to unfair Medicare denials for outpatient therapy based on an erroneous “Improvement Standard.” The Checklist outlines the coverage criteria for outpatient therapy and emphasizes language from the Jimmo Settlement Agreement. Per the Settlement, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) revised the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual to clearly disavow any notion that individuals receiving outpatient therapy must improve in order for their care to be covered by Medicare. Download the Checklist at: http://www.medicareadvo

Alive Inside

Michael Rossato-Bennett, the Director of "Alive Inside," is working on a new documentary film about his best friend, Brian. 'When Brian got ALS, his buddies and I decided to help him record an album of his songs- You get to be the first to hear them!!!' Brian's album, "Being Here," was released the day before Thanksgiving (11/21)! Here are links to a trailer video about the album. Please watch it and help us share it. YouTube Facebook Twitter All we want is for Brian to feel some love and to get some feedback for his work! Please join Brian's Inner Circle by tapping the link in his Instagram bio. You'll get immediate FREE access to the complete album pre-release and can leave your comments

Free Headsets for Dementia

The Alive Inside Coalition recognizes the loneliness and disconnection in all our lives. If it is a symptom of living “life out of balance,” we must change! Loneliness and isolation impact everyone - parents, children, caregivers, older people, you and I. Intergenerational relationships are essential to our development and yet they are being engineered out of modern life. This breakdown of human relationships has a cost; you see it in the madness unfolding worldwide. Young and old are designed to mature, in a relationship, together. We are trying to make a difference. Our Alive Inside Volunteers have had amazing experiences waking elders with dementia. You can join them. Our new program lets

My Heart Sings

Dementia, with very few exceptions, slowly steals a person’s ability to interact with their world; it makes the familiar unknown, language not understandable, friends unrecognizable, lifeless and less accessible, and ever reducing the world of the sufferer to a smaller and smaller number of enjoyable moments. But there is an almost universal exception to this, Music. We all know how music can move us, impact our moods and change our outlook on life. The music we’ve listened to all of our lives. Just the sound of it can make us feel everything is all right in our world and bring back memories as if they were new. Music works the same for people dealing with dementia. In fact, music can a

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