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Congress Reaches Agreement on Opioids Legislation

Congress Reaches Agreement on Opioids Legislation The House is expected to vote today on the final package of bills (H.R. 6) aimed at addressing the opioid epidemic. This week, a conference committee of House and Senate members reached an agreement on the differences between what the House had passed in June and what the Senate passed last week. The Senate is expected to vote on the conference bill in the coming weeks. Contributed from “Justice in Aging”

Administration Releases Proposed Immigration Rule on Public Charge

Administration Releases Proposed Immigration Rule on Public Charge Last Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security announced its proposal to significantly change a longstanding immigration rule known as “public charge.” Under the proposal, the Administration redefines “public charge” as an immigrant who receives one or more public benefits, which would include Medicaid, Medicare Part D low-income subsidy, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), housing assistance, SSI, and other cash benefits. If this rule is implemented, immigrants on the path to citizenship who receive these benefits could be denied green cards or entry to the U.S. This means U.S. citizens and residents may no

Congress Passes Bills to Eliminate Drug Price “Gag Clauses” on Pharmacists

Congress Passes Bills to Eliminate Drug Price “Gag Clauses” on Pharmacists This week the House passed two bills that would make it illegal for Medicare plans (S. 2553) and commercial insurance plans (S. 2554) to prohibit pharmacists from informing patients that the cash price for a drug is lower than their insurance copay. Both bills had cleared the Senate earlier this month and will be sent to the President. This legislation goes further than the memo CMS issued earlier this year to Medicare Part D plan sponsors stating that it considers such “gag clauses” unacceptable. Contributed from “Justice in Aging”

🚨ALERT🚨 VA Benefits Update!

Please take a moment to view this message from Helayne Levy Payne regarding Veterans Benefits in the form of Pension. These new rules take effect October 18th. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 910.755.PLAN (7526).

Effective October 18, 2018, New Rules for Veterans Benefits Makes It More Difficult to Obtain for Ou

Effective October 18, 2018: New Rules for Veterans Benefits Makes It More Difficult to Obtain for Our Veterans The VA has worked for 3 years to make this unilateral change to its VA law concerning Wartime Pension Benefits for long-term care (having nothing to do with career pension.) The VA has circumvented Congress in adopting this law change and after announcing the proposed rule change in 2015, the VA has just published the new law in their Federal Register on September 18, 2018. On September 18, the Veterans Administration (VA) published new rules that make it more difficult to qualify for this important benefit. For example, any gifts that you made in the past 36 months, either to a fam

What can natural disasters, like Florence, teach us?

What can natural disasters, like Florence, teach us? Living through Hurricane Florence, touted as one of the worst disasters to hit North Carolina and the coast of the United States, was both unsettling and illuminating. With no electricity, the ‘get up and go’ of driving and the inability to do much of anything but remain safely at home, I had plenty of time to ponder. Among and in-between the constant flooding, tornado alerts and of course the rain, the constant, ever-present rain, I have come to terms with Nature’s sheer force and our mortal inability to control or tame it. The last time I had a similar appreciation was as a young teenager in the ocean’s surf. On a beautiful summer day

Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Information

🚨💥If you were affected by Hurricane Florence and need assistance💥🚨 Please continue reading below to understand what assistance is available to you!! 🏚 Register NOW with FEMA for Disaster Assistance: 800-621-3362 or 🌳 To get FREE removal of trees, installation of tarps on roofs, etc. call NOW 800-451-1954 🌞 Homeless, Hungry (Free Food Stamps) Stranded OR NOT SURE where to turn, call 211- Information Referral Service. 🚗 Trying to figure which roads are open to get back to your home or to a destination: 🏡 Post Hurricane: how to best deal with FEMA, Homeowners Insurance, NO INSURANCE, Flood Insurance etc, go to web: sbpusa.or


BLOG FROM W/C WEBINAR NOBODY LIKES A TRUST FUND KID: HERE’S HOW TO PREPARE THEM. “GIVE TRUSTS A CHANCE” Baby Boomers, the country’s wealthiest generation, are expected to transfer $30 trillion to Gen Xers and Millennials over the coming decades. This means millions of young people will, expectedly or unexpectedly, come into significant wealth. Trusts are extremely useful estate planning tools for those looking to preserve and transfer assets, despite their negative connotation in the public consciousness. Trusts have a myriad of tax and non-tax benefits. Deciding whether a Will or Trust is best for you is an important start to your estate planning. Let’s understand the basic differences b

Update on Our Intern, Joseph Nieto

We are so happy to have heard from Joseph Nieto this past weekend! Joseph is attending the Virginia Military Institute and we could not be more excited for his future endeavors! Check out this brief email update we received from him to see how he is doing! Mrs. Helayne, I'm getting through it day by day. So much has happened in the past two weeks it would require a novel to explain everything. In short, I traversed high mountains, swam a frigid river, precariously applied a bayonet to the end of the same M-14 rifle that I disassembled and reassembled, trimmed a few hairs from my head and I hung upside down 60 feet from the ground (see attached)! The first 9 days were the worst (duly dubbed "

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